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Diva Shop N Stroll is a Women's Network formed to provide a networking referral system for women business owners to share expertise, knowledge and talent.

Members pledge to support one another by referring other members businesses. Our Business Directory and  Women's Magazines showcase our members business.

Diva Shop N Stroll Women's Network  is passionate about supporting personal achievement and professional development. 

Our structured but informative networking events ensure attendees have more chance of meeting ideal contacts for their business, enhance their reputation and gain the competitive edge by establishing strategic alliances and synergies

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*Share information
*Make new friends
*Introduce ourselves and our businesses to other business women in the area
*Assist each other
*More Leads from Referrals
*Share ideas
*Respect, support and encourage each other
*Enhancing your social and professional network

Our goal is for women to increase their social network, enhance their confidence and gain business from the other members and their contacts. If you are a woman with your own business or are thinking of starting up why not come along and meet us at one of our events?

We are a membership-based organization that empowers women to reach their full potential in business. For over a decade we have been educating, guiding and supporting women in their pursuit of success, helping them to turn their start up or newly founded businesses into profitable enterprises

Connect with local like-minded women in your city, attend local events and share experiences. Connect with local like-minded women in your city, attend local events and share experiences

Network Meetings

If You Are Among The Best, Team Up With The Best! If you are prepared to accept the following membership responsibilities, submit your application to your local chapter membership committee:

Attend meetings regularly.

Actively seek referrals for fellow members.

Support your local chapter and build its strength by seeking qualified new members.

Exclusive one core profession per member per chapter only. (  Exception  with Direct Sales One weight loss, one Jewelry, if possible)

Member of the month is voted on by the Executive Advisors and featured on our website and newsletter.

Each month members from our business network meet and get together and pass each other qualified leads to other members of the network. Because the leads are pre-qualified and are referrals, not cold calls, the percentage of sales is definitely better and will help increase your sales or business. Each of our members will represent a service or product that is in demand within their community. Remember the more referrals you give to other members and the more you network? The more referrals will come back to you. At each meeting you will have 1 minute introduction and 3-5 members will be allowed to speak for 5 minutes on a rotating schedule so that everyone has a chance. The object is not to “sell” to your fellow members, but to educate us on your product or service so we can better refer you.

Connections, Sustained personal and professional support, monthly networking events and fellowship,encouragement, educational workshops, special member discounted rates for all events open to the public, opportunity to receive member to member discounts and referrals.

Diva Shop N Stroll requires that all applicants be reviewed without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap. Diva Shop N Stroll  will not be supportive of any action taken in violation of this nondiscrimination statement.

Connect Grow, Prosper, and Thrive in your business